Your-Baby-Need-A-Good-MAT! Artamber Premium PU Leather Ergonomic Soft Comfortable Extra Thick Floor Mat for Infants Activity Nontoxic Floor Tile

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Our story is the story of moms and dads ...

Here, we have to say hard work to the dads and moms who have just had a baby. Of course, we have to say: "Congratulations!"

In order to welcome the baby, the parents have worked hard to prepare for no less than 40 weeks or 280 days, learning parenting information, pregnancy preparation, doing some after-birth baby planning and so on. They just want to give it the best of the world at the moment the baby falls. Let the baby feels the best goodwill in the world.

Art Amber also spent several years and effort for this sacred moment. We have experienced failures and setbacks and felt disappointed and frustrated. For those countless overtime nights, we have been sticking to a belief.

We never give up, never stop. Because of the birth of the baby, this moment is sacred. It is worth our hard work, and we must prepare a gift of sincerity for him to commemorate it, celebrate it, and cherish it. We want to share this moment of joy with you!

to be continued … …


Every baby is a unique opportunity to meet us, just like the universe...

From nothing, from an accidental big bang, the world was formed. After that, the substances of hydrogen, helium, etc. were assembled and reacted to have stars and galaxies. In the solar system, under what a small chance, there is the earth - the carrier that can breed life. Slowly the first life on earth was born.


One day, Mr. Dad and Ms. Mum met. In a romantic atmosphere, they fell in love. Under the promise of love, a new member is born in their new family -- a cute baby. A carrier that carries the full love of parents.

Everything will continue, the greatness of the world, the greatness of life. Let us cherish all of this because You are the special 1/∞ (One over infinity).