White Kraft Arts and Crafts Paper Roll - 48 inches by 100 Feet (1200 Inch) - Ideal for Paints, Wall Art, Easel Paper, Fadeless Bulletin Board Paper, Gift Wrapping Paper and Kids Crafts - Made in USA

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As a creative person, you know that the desire to create art can strike at any time, and having enough of your paper and art supplies on hand to get the job done is important. When it comes time to break out the art supplies, you need a white kraft paper roll that can take all of your ideas effortlessly and commit them to the paper for years to come. The Bryco Goods White Kraft Arts and Crafts Paper Roll white construction paper helps to ensure you have plenty of material to work with, whether it is you, your children or an arts and crafts class that needs it. The Bryco Goods White Kraft Arts and Crafts Paper Roll is a 1,200 inch roll. White paper that measures 48 inches by 100 feet is available to you, providing you with seemingly endless pieces of paper that you can use and cut down to fit the size of your art project every time. This ultra thick construction paper roll, white in color, will allow you to use it for any project, whether you want to paint on it, draw on it or just use it as a placemat underneath a messier art project. These white craft paper rolls are all fade resistant and free from acidic materials, ensuring that whatever artwork you create atop the rolls can last for many years to come. This kraft paper roll, white in color, can be used with acrylic and oil paints, chalk, crayon, markers, felt pens, finger painting, water color, tempera and any other type of material you want to use them on; each one will be bold and visible, standing out on the crisp white, fade resistant paper. Order the Bryco Goods White Kraft Arts and Crafts Paper Roll today by clicking add to cart now.