VICMORE Embossed Plastic Drop Cloth for Painting 9 Feet by 12 Feet Slip Resistant and Waterproof Plastic Sheeting

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Size Name: Embossed 9FT x 12FT x 1.2 MIL

VicMore Embossed Plastic Drop Cloth 9 ft x 12 ft x 1.2 mil

Choosing the right drop cloth is very important when starting a paint or home improvement project. A good quality drop cloth is anti skid, waterproof and easy to use. Vicmore Plastic Drop Cloth is designed to provide the best results of surface protection in whether professional or DIY painting work. This all new premium grade plastic drop sheet might be the most convenient and economical drop cloth you'll ever use. Non-slip, waterproof, mildewproof plastic sheeting provides ideal protection for floors, carpets, tiles, furniture, closet and broken windows.

● Dimensions: 9' x 12'
● Embossed 1.2mil thick
● Slip resistant, Waterproof, 100% Recyclable