Reusable Stencils Set of 6 (6x6 inch) Family Interaction Painting Stencil Floor Wall Tile Fabric Wood Stencils DIY Decor

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Quantity: 6pcs
Size: 6x6inch
Material: PET material (Makes it possible to use them not only for walls - you can paint them on floor, furniture or any another surface as well.) each Stencil is reusable, strong. Usage: This stencil template works great for wall, table, furniture, floor, tile, fabric for curtains, pillows, placemats, canvas, card and more.
How to stencil?
1.Prepare your stenciling tools and paint.
2.Clean the surface and fix the stencil for painting in place.(you can use some low tack stencil tape)
3.Paint the stencil using the appropriate paint for the surface you're working on. (Be patience, and remember to blot excess paint before applying the brush or roller to the stencil.) You can also use acrylic paint to paint when working on canvas, clothes,pillows, placemats etc.

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