New Embroidered Brown & Off-White Ringneck Pheasant Accent Pillow 12 x 16 insert

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Brown and Off-White Pheasant Embroidered Accent Pillow

You will be very proud to show your friends and family this pillow!

This is a one-of-a-kind custom accent pillow. The design has an elegant feel. The design is a Pheasant in flight — just after taking off.

This is a very high stitch count design. It is a complex design — using a large number of thread colors.

John researched and digitized the design, and Beth created the pillow design. This is a very popular design for us. We have sold many sweatshirts and pillows that use this design. Beth uses great computerized embroidery and sewing machines for the bulk of the work, then hand sews the final side shut. The fabrics have a soft, smooth feel.

The pillow size is approximately 12" x 16" x 4". Inside there is a new, soft pillow insert.

It has an off white linen front center panel. It has brown upholstery fabric on the side panels and back. This brown fabric has a pattern made of small pheasants. Notice the decorative trim on each side of the front panel.

This accent pillow would be great for someone:
• that loves birds in general,
• that loves pheasants specifically,
• that is decorating a mancave or a cabin,
• from Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, or other sates where there are a lot of pheasants.

On request, we could put this design other items, such as purses, totes, pillows or sweatshirts.

When we ship your pillows, we place them in an extra large ziplock bag, and then in a new, high quality shipping box. Your new pillows will be well protected during shipping.