New Embroidered Blue Ceylon Swallow Birds Accent Pillow New 12 x 16 Insert

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Blue & Cream Swallow Birds Embroidered Accent Pillow

You will be very proud to show your friends and family this pillow!

This is a one-of-a-kind custom accent pillow. The design has an elegant feel. It has a pair of Ceylonese Mosque-Swallows flying together. (Cecropis hyperythra) (They are a male and female, but it is not exactly certain which is which.)

These birds are from Gould's book, "Birds of Asia." John Gould was a famous naturalist & ornithologist that lived from 1804 to 1881. He is very famous and his many books have thousands of beautiful plates of artwork. This book of his was published between 1850 and 1883 and is now in the public domain. Some say Gould was the artist for this book. However, he employed numerous professional artists to rework his sketches.

This particular type of swallow are from the mountainous parts of the island of Ceylon. This large island lies off the southeast tip of India. However, this type of swallow is never found in the contiguous parts of India.

“It breeds in caverns and under bridges, and builds a nest of mud attached to the roof. The lining is composed of fine hay and feathers; and the eggs are laid in March.” (E. L. Layard and Blyth)

This is a very high stitch count design. It is a complex design — using a large number of thread colors.

John researched the design, and Beth created the pillow design. Beth uses great computerized embroidery and sewing machines for the bulk of the work, then hand sews the final side shut. The fabrics have a soft, smooth feel.

The pillow size is approximately 18" x 18" x 4". Inside there is a new, soft pillow insert.

The front center panel uses an off-white/cream upholstery fabric with linen-like texture. The sides and back panel use a blue upholstery fabric with a denim-like texture.

This accent pillow would be great for someone:
• that loves birds in general,
• that loves swallows specifically,
• is from India or Ceylon,
• for someone that has a British, Indian or an eclectic decor,
• or for someone that just likes little romantic touches — like these two swallows.

On request, we could put this design other items, such as purses, totes, pillows or sweatshirts.

When we ship your pillows, we place them in a plastic bag, and then in a new, high quality shipping box. Your new pillows will be well protected during shipping.