Moiré Baby A to Z Animal Learning Play Mat Extra Large 76 in. x 58 Padded Crawling Carpet for Babies (A to Z Animal)

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Product Description

Moiré is deeply rooted in the design concept how you perceive art and style is different from each person's perspective. We evolved this into the design of our baby gym play mats, from the lines and colors of the material and stitching each creating a different style of fashion from different angles. In layman's terms looking at the Moiré logo you will see one M, or two, possibly three. A series of repetitive patterns create optical imagery that translates a baby mat that looks different each time your infant plays.

A to Z Animal

A to Z

Learning Baby Mat

TRAINING KIDS TO CRAWL OR WALK: The infant play mat is also a training mat for helping parents to exercise kid’s crawling and walking abilities and prevent kids from falling off during exercise.

STIMULATE KID'S LEARNING INTEREST: Our Animal design with different color and patterns surprise you and bring baby more feeling of freshness to keep his curiosity.

Your kids will love interacting and learning with the Animals A to Z!

A to Z

High density Polyester material reduces the impact and noise effectively. Soft and comfortable touch for baby's crawling and tummy time. Lightweight foldup design is perfect to take it along to the beach, the park or anywhere!