Heavy Duty Upholstery and Construction Staple Remover with Tack Puller Tool - Ergonomic Handle, Quickly and Easily Extract Kinds of Nails in Furniture Floor Wooden Box Carton Photo Frame Carpet

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Product Features:

- Perfect for making a novice work like a professional on any project you tackle.
- Easily slips under and removes any size without breaking them and does the job much faster than pliers or a screwdriver.
- Safe for furniture and floors with a smooth, flat head and no pliers, screwdriver or other tools are needed for removal.
- Super lightweight yet durable hardened steel construction and uniquely curved, silicone lined handle protect your hands from undue impact, stress and pain.


- Professional upholstery and office tool used for removing staples or nail from any item.
- Perfect tool for taking off the staples from furniture, floors, wooden case, carton, photo frame, carpet and so on.
- Quickly remove deeply embedded staples in your furniture, upholstery, wood, floor, industry, drywall.

Product Specifications:

- Materials: Durable Hardened Steel.
- Size: Tack Puller: 9.1 * 1.7 * 0.9 inches
Staple Remover : 6.3 * 1.4 * 1.2 inches

Package Includes:

1pc Staple Remover
1pc Tack Puller