Hardex Plastic Drop Cloth 1 Mil- 9 ft x 12 ft – Paint Protector, Maximum Spill Protection, Heavy Duty Drop Cloth, Paint Essentials

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Finally, you can give up on using old sheets and newspapers for protecting surfaces while painting.
Whether for professional use or Do-It-Yourself weekend, our Plastic Drop Cloth is perfect for you!
Hardex Plastic Drop Cloth offers:

 Maximum Spill Protection
 Faster Clean Up
 Easy to use
 Heavy duty
 High Quality Absorbent

It is 9 by 12 feet in length and breadth, comes in 1 roll per pack.
Our Plastic Drop Cloth drapes well over furniture and conforms to surfaces better.
Provides you with easy spread out and maximum spill protection, making the cleanup process faster and easier.
Heavy duty Plastic Drop Cloth which is very durable and can absorb heavy paint.
High-Quality absorbent Plastic Drop Cloth helps prevent paint spills from spreading along the drop cloth.
Plastic Drop Cloth By Hardex
Size: 9’ x 12’
Thickness: 1 Mil
1 roll per pack