Garwarm 71x 59inches Extra Large Baby Crawling Mat Baby Play Mat Game Mat,0.2-Inch Thick (US Store)

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Product Description

Surprise your family and friends with amazing crawling mat for babies. Comes with kid-friendly colorful floor mat for children to enjoy playing, it is very comfortable to sit on and lay on.

Develop abilities: parent-child exchange, interactive play, hand-eye coordination, encourage learning, other capacity-building.

Encourage learning: let the baby have a sensual understanding of colors, shapes, letters, words, numbers, animals and vegetables.

Tummy time: this play mat provides a soft and comfortable surface for your little one's tummy time.

Give your wiggly little explorer a soft, safe place to play with this adorable baby playmat! Dual sides provide plenty of entertainment while fostering baby’s learning and development.

Garwarm Kids Play Mat

  • Give your child a safe, comfortable place to play and learn at the same time. The Garwarm Floor Play Mat is an easy-to-clean mat that provides a protective floor for any hard surface.
  • The surface of the mat is printed with colorful picture and letters, you can help educate your child as they play on the mat;
  • They can simply sit or crawl on the mat as they play with other toys.
  • The lightweight design is ideal for bedrooms, daycares, preschool, and other play areas.​

With storage bag, easy to store it at home or carry out during travel, protect your baby's tender skin anytime and anywhere.

Looking for a cool or unique baby shower gift? The Garwarm Baby Play Mat is a great product and suitable for boy or girl babies.

The play mat will be folded in a storeage bag. Upon arrival, unroll it and use a few days and it will It will stay flat on the floor.