CCS CHICAGO CANVAS & SUPPLY 10 Ounce Cotton Canvas Fabric, 5 Yard Bolt, White

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Product Description

CCS Chicago Canvas & Supply’s Colored Canvas provides the same characteristics of Natural Canvas, but is available in 25+ colors to fit every application. The fabric is 9-10 oz and referred to as a single filled duck weave. A duck weave is non-directional which looks the same however used. This 100% natural cotton canvas starts at 60” wide and after dying may shrink several inches. In the dying process an organic compound with high color strength forms a bond with the fabric. Keep in mind from one order to the next, there can be a slight variation in the same color. When fabric is dyed at one time, all fabric in this “run” is referred to as the dye lot. A new dye lot can be slightly different due to many environmental and base fabric differences. Color canvas is ideal for Apparel, Home Decor, Slipcovers, Crafts, Bean Bags and much much more.

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Color Canvas

Our Color Canvas is available in 25+ colors. Try them today!

Color Canvas Stack

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