Artify 73 Inches Double Tier Easel Stand, Aluminum Tripod for Painting and Display with an Environmental Friendly Carrying Bag and Spare Parts

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Product Description

ARTIFY art supplies 2019 New Double-Tier Easel


Artify Easel Stand -- Anywhere, Anytime, Artify yourself!

For Artify's dear customers and as the first easel of Artify family, the AED73 Easel is designed to match all your needs as a most sturdy, convenient, durable and double-tier one.

  • What’s new about double tiers?

Double-tier provides a fresh perspective to discover the use of portable easels, the lower tier adds value to the product as a portable display stand.

  • Why is 73 inches the perfect height?

73-inch height is suitable for most people and different scenarios. Enough height reduces body pain and enriches user experience.

  • How does AED73 stand out by its top quality and convenience?

Top easel deserves top accessories. Enclosed are a color-designed instruction manual, durable spare parts and odorless carrying bag with premium zipper, corresponding with the original easy-carry and -setup, compact design and (double-tier) adjustable height of AED73.

Through 100+ careful tests and experiments, AED73 always remains sturdy and stable with the maximum weight of less than 11 lbs

artist easel

AED73 in Two Parts

AED73 has two parts that can be wrapped up instantly with a strap.

artist easel

AED73 in Two Parts

paint easel

Center Adjusting Part

art easel for adults

Horizontal Bar

floor easel

Adjusting Parts on the Tube

double tier easel Other easels has less benefits
Artify AED73 Other Easels
Double Tiers Probably not
Instruction/Manual Probably not
Free Spare Parts Probably not
Odorless, Waterproof and Mildew-proof Carrying Bag Probably not