AK KYC Stencils Mandala Painting Stencil Stencils for Painting (12x12 inch Large Size) on Wood Wall Floor Tile Fabric Furniture Decor Mandala Dotting Tools Reusable, Style 1

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Product Description

AK KYC mandala stencils can be used for painting, airbrush stencil, card making, wall decoration, furniture, craft-art and more.

This is a reusable and washable kids friendly good health and safety stencils.

How to use:

1. Clean the surface to which you want to apply your stencil.

2. Position the stencil so that the shape is exactly where you want it, and if needed you can secure with some tape.

3. Mask the outside of the stencil if needed – you don’t want to get any paint outside of your intended area!

4. Now it’s time to apply the paint.

5. Gently lift the stencil straight up off your surface.


style 1:

Material: Translucent PET

Size: 12 x 12 inch, thickness: 0.25mm

Weight: 82g

Color: Translucent

Package include: 3 pack mandala stencils.